Cookie Notice

What do you mean, by cookie?

Whenever you visit a website for the first time, your internet browser downloads a small text file (the so-called cookies) that stores your internet settings on your computer. Whenever you decide to check that website again on the same device, the cookies will find their way back to the originating website and it recognizes you’ve been there before. The type of information we collect, as a result of you accepting our cookies, is specific to your computer and includes the IP address, the date and time the computer visited the website and what parts of our website that were looked at. This information is of course anonymous; it represents a computer rather than a person. 

Supercharge your Journey with cookies

The cookies are used to supercharge your user experience when you return to a website. How? They are smart cookies; they remember your preferences and how you used the website which results in showing you content that is relevant for your personal interest and needs. 

Necessary Ninja cookies

Some cookies are strictly necessary, as you would not be able to use the website as intended without them. These are saved to your computer while you are browsing the website. These necessary cookies are used for example when opening the bike configurator, so you receive a version in a resolution that your internet connection can handle.  Without these specific cookies, you would not be able store your decision about the use of cookies on our website. Your consent is not required for the use of these strictly necessary cookies and are operating like a Ninja warrior, silently efficient and there without you noticing. 

Legendary Performance with Cookies that require consent

Some cookies are not necessary, but could still make your browsing experience very convenient. Think about pre-completed forms and language settings. Without giving your consent, you would have to re-confirm this every time you change pages.

Kawasaki does have integrated content belonging to third parties on this website. An example of this is our bike configurator. In theory, these third-party providers could use their cookies on the website in order to get information about your visit to the bike configurator. Please check their website regarding their cookie policy if you would need some additional information. These third-party cookies also required consent.

I’m on a diet – I don’t want your cookies

Of course you have the option to not give your consent or to revoke it. By doing so you will still be able to visit our website, however, you will only see features of the website that do not require cookies.  Should you wish to visit the website in its full glory, then you can still give your consent and make use of all the features that our website offers.

Get closer to the cookie categories

There are four types of cookies based on their function and purpose: strictly necessary cookies, functional cookies, performance cookies and marketing cookies.